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Short Fix

I’ve been handling a massive writer’s block for a while, a few things standing in my way. So I decided to share with you a little thing I wrote.

He pushed her towards the wall, spreading her legs while locking her wrists in the cold steel. She tried to protest, which led to a firm smack across her ass. He roughly grasped her hair, snapping her head back and simply whispered no.
He reached under her skirt to slide off the dainty red thong she wore, it was wet with her juices. He chuckled, “I see that you’ve missed me.”
His fingers slid into her pussy, she sighed and bit her lip as his fingers danced across her clit.
As one hand continued to massage her pussy, the other undid his belt, playfully smacking it across her ass. His erect cock thrust into her now gushing pussy causing her to sigh.


I finally got a job! I work in a porn store! Muwahaha!

coworker standup

In other news, I now have a day job in an adult store running the lingerie department. Muwahaha! Sadly, I’m stuck in a writer’s block, but am editing a coworker’s softcore story. If you want to catch a new read look up Mathew Sperle on Amazon or Smashwords.

Random bullshit

Convincing your boyfriend you’re just a part of his imagination. A day’s worth of fun!

Spin off

A good friend of mine is doing a spin off on The Femme In Me. This is based on the minor character Reggie.

The Femme In Me

The Femme In Me, formerly titled On Your Knees is now published! Muwahahaha! Currently available through the Kindle, but quite soon will be available on other e-book devices. If you are interested in a story of forced feminization and or sexual humiliation give this a read. 

On Your Knees

Finally finished writing On Your Knees, just need to revise things. Soon this will be published, look under Amelia Quinn, I maybe changing the title.

"Do you like sissys? or forced fem"

Asked by Anonymous

I would like to play with a sissy, if I had the chance. ;)

On Your Knees

My story On Your Knees which is just the current working title for is getting closer to the end. It is a forced feminization erotica. I will have a sample update soon when it is complete and have another post when it’s published if anyone wants to help me pick a title, suggesting a more permanent title feel welcome to drop a comment.